Zapraszamy na Międzynarodową Wymianę Młodzieży: Czechy, Węgry, Słowacja i Polska. Termin: 26 sierpnia – 3 września. Wiek: 16 – 19 lat. Miejsce: Żegiestów. Zainteresowane osobu prosimy o kontakt: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. lub 501 617 514.

Project "Picture of me, picture of you" is a youth exchange, organised under Erasmus + Program. It is dedicated to young people in age of 16 - 19 from four European countries: Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The main aim of the project is to

promote attitudes against human rights violations in connection with the use hate speech against a  specific group of social . The essence of it is the visualization of young people that they should fight with the stereotypes and get to know the other person before judge them. During exchange we learn to deal with the situation when one of us will be a victim of hate speech, to be able to fight it effectively. Through workshops when our participants  use of our photos and other we would like to learn to respect other people and themselves. All workshops and meetings will be done with methods of informal education, with the active participation of all participants. The project will increase awareness our participants on human rights and how to fight against manifestations of hate speech. They will be instructed where to report such cases as well as bestow on them the page on which they can share with others the good examples of solving the issue of hate speech in their country. The organizer of the project is the Towarzystwo Rozwoju Piwnicznej form Piwniczna Zdrój, Poland.

National team: 10 people                   
Leaders: 1 per national team
Age of leaders: no limit
Participants: 9 per national team
Age of participants: 16-19

Date of youth exchange:  26 August – 3 September 2017

APV meeting : 1-2 August 2017 ( leader and participant from each country )

Tasks to prepare before youth exchange:

In couple of weeks we will send few tasks to prepare before youth exchange
During the main part of our project You will be accommodated in a guesthouse

All costs related to accommodation, and food (3 meals per day- breakfast, lunch, supper and 2 coffee breaks) will be covered by project’s budget.


Comfortable clothes and shoes for workshops which we will organize in indoor and outdoor atmosphere depending on weather, slippers. Camera and laptop also would be very useful during main activities. Photos will be taken during project by our team as well and at the end of the project we will share on-line with all partner organizations before departure.

Traditional food, drink and souvenirs for intercultural evenings activities.


The participants are themselves responsible to get a travel insurance. If anyone who uses medicine should bring with themselves. We don’t give any medicines and we don’t cover insurance fees.


If there’s any person with special diet/ allergies, please inform us about this.
It is especially important for us to know about diets/allergies/special needs.


We can help with it. You can reach venue of exchange with shuttle bus or public transport

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